Day 99: Maybe Next Year I’ll Catch Him!



8 thoughts on “Day 99: Maybe Next Year I’ll Catch Him!

      1. My plan is to make a honey pot to catch them…. I figure a tidally locked moon effectively catches a sun, so… well, I haven’t figure out the next step yet but I’m sure I’m close….

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      2. AH, but more seriously, you’re doing a great job now. Your comics help me to enjoy life more, and it is very kind of you to share them. Kindness and joy are parts of prosperity, so you’re making the world a more prosperous place.

        Finding your own “writing style” and doing something consistently over a long time also develops prosperity, you need those things to build real confidence an a portfolio and reputation, so, you’re doing really well with 100+ posts with a consistent style.

        If it’s fiscal prosperity that is lacking, you have enough to make at least one volume of an ebook or glossy comic book or even to convert to hollow frames as adult coloring books, and you already did the harder, “fu” (time and effort) part.

        Me, I am way too scattered so far. Hopefully this year will be better.

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        1. Thank you so much for the kind words of support. I’m really glad you’re enjoying my posts and they’re adding to your life in some, positive way; ultimately (and I can imagine you’d agree), that’s what it’s all about–helping as many people as you can, and doing so in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to yourself.

          It’s fun–my style and sense of humor has definitely developed as I’ve continued. I’m sure that if you continue writing, yours will, too. And who knows–scattered as you feel–you may look back and in retrospect find there’s been a more consistent theme than you were able to recognize in the moment. I’ve certainly found that.

          And thank you for the idea! I had never considered publishing an ebook or coloring book; I’ll have to mull this over longer! As I color everything myself, I can say with a fair amount of authority that it’s a pretty fun time, haha.

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  1. Man Santa really should slow down! Clearly going at such high speeds has caused his legs to melt and fuse together due to *insert smart science things here*.

    Wait, I just asked the boyfriend for some smart science things to add and he suggested it was due to “relativistic length contraction” (but I’m pretty sure he just googled that so it totally doesn’t count.

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