Day 79: Better Call Pest Control.



7 thoughts on “Day 79: Better Call Pest Control.

  1. Whenever I see puns I’m like “YAY! PUNS! I LOVE PUNS!” because I’m not good enough at them myself to respond with another pun and set of a pun-cascade. And that, by the way, is case and point. “Pun-cascade”. I’m sure you would have thought up an actually pun for that word.


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  2. hehe cute! I can’t remember if I asked you, but what program do you use for your illustrating? I really love the outside the line coloring- I’ve tried to do that with manga studio and can never make it look right- also your shading is really cool!


    1. Thanks! 🙂 And I am super unprofessional about my methods of illustration: I use Adobe Photoshop. (Which doesn’t sound super unprofessional, but I assure you – it is.) I make a mockery of it by only using its most simplistic capabilities. I make a couple layers (black outline on top, color in the middle, background in the back) and exclusively use the paintbrush tool and track pad on my computer to come up with the rest. How do you do your illustrations??

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      1. Ah cool! Woah you create your art with a trackpad! Omg my stuff would just look like a mess of squiggles if I tried that, I have 0 coordination! I’ve been using manga studio 5 with a drawing tablet, but just the simple features of it- haven’t delved deep into a lot of the things yet! I really like it, but I haven’t quite got the hang of using it yet.

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