Day 11: I Think My Upstairs Neighbors Are Elephants



6 thoughts on “Day 11: I Think My Upstairs Neighbors Are Elephants

    1. I like to imagine myself as a cute, learning-to-walk baby elephant, whereas my upstairs neighbors are most certainly full-grown adults. That way, the obnoxious noises caused by my bumbles and falls seem forgivable and endearing.

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      1. Ahhh omg this comment response is so cute and hilarious!

        Me: You’ve just won my “New Favorite Person” award! Here you go!
        You: Umm… you just handed me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…
        Me: Yeah but, I wrote the award details out in jelly on top!
        You: Oh, cool!
        Me: On second thought, I’m kind of hungry…
        You: …do you want this back?
        Me: *grabs sandwich and devours it*
        Me: Don’t worry, the award was theoretical, it’s still yours!

        (omg I did not mean for this to get so long, I am out of control when I drink coffee!)


        1. Me: …well this is awkward.
          You: Why?
          Me: Because I was just about to give you MYYYYY “New Favorite Person” award.
          You: Really? Cool! I don’t see why that’s awkward.
          Me: *Sighs* …because this is it.
          You: A marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich?
          Me: I made it for you since the award is only theoretical…and I thought you might be hungry. But now you’ve already eaten and there’s no point to the sandwich anymore.
          You: Oh.
          Me: *takes a bite out of sandwich.
          You: But hey, just think, we both got a “New Favorite Person” award! (of sorts…)
          Me: I guess you’re right! AND we both got sandwiches!
          You: High five!
          Me: Down low!
          You: …
          Me: Too slow!
          Both: Give one another a meaningful look, slap knees, and laugh in a way that suggests, “Oh, youuuuu.”

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  1. i’ve lived/livid in such a place! but … can you imagine how noisy the elephants would be if they lived downstairs? (the downstairs elephants were WHACKOs 4 sure!)


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